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New to Transmission? Please watch the video featuring author Benjamin Creme: Transmission Meditation: A New Age Service - INTRODUCTION.

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  • FAQ's on Transmission Meditation.

  • Increase the potency of The Great Invocation with this visualization.

  • Download for free, Benjamin Creme's book Transmission Meditation: A Meditation for the New Age
  • Additional free downloads: Benjamin Creme's books available for download.
  • Meditations held on other days can be found here, along with helpful information: Weekly Zoom Meditation Schedule
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    Transmission Meditation groups traditionally meet face-to-face around the world. Due to coronavirus, many are meeting online. To find meditators in your area, send a message at this link.

    For any questions about this page, please contact srnmaitreya at gmail dot com. This page created by Cielito, one of the hosts of this particular Transmission Meditation group.

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